ABOUT Mediphorm South

In 2015, an idea among 2 friends became a reality. From its origination to the customer minded international brand it is now, we continue to keep the same product, striving for bigger and better. It’s been a challenging time with the passing of my personal friend and partner Samuel Roth, but I'm trying to fill the shoes he left behind. I am grateful to those who have supported our vision. From coaches to athletes to distributors to my family. Because let’s be honest if it wasn’t for any of them, there wouldn’t be a Mediphorm. 

We are a company who strives to bring as much personal service and interaction as possible to our customer base. We encourage anyone we talk to or communicate with over email, text, or telephone to never to hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns they have.  

The best parts about this business is the casual yet professional interaction we can have with customers and owners. In no other industry do you plan to see your customers face to face as often as you do in the Fitness and Health industry.  

Despite the fact we have Distributors in the UK, UAE, and India, plus still ship to over 50+ countries, we still remain a small tight knit employee-based company, because we love being able to have more hands on with shipping and customer service and to hear real time feedback from our customers.  We're always looking at more unique products to bring you, so you never have to worry about picturing us just sitting back waiting for money to come in. Progression and ingenuity are always at the forefront of our minds. So, continue to keep an eye out for what’s on the horizon, because we will continue to carry on in his absence what Sam and I started years ago. 


"Thank you so much for an amazing product. The physical benefits you see from your product are awesome but mate, also the psychological!!!!

To have a body part lacking, training it and never seeing it pumped and suddenly to see it not only pumped up but looking in proportion to the rest of the body is a Blessing"