ABOUT Mediphorm South

In 2015, Mediphorm was founded on a simple idea between two friends. That idea has become an internationally recognized brand and we continue to keep the same customer-minded focus that got us here. It’s been a challenging time with the passing of my personal friend and partner Samuel Roth, but I'm trying to fill the shoes he left behind. I am grateful to those who have supported our vision - from coaches to athletes to distributors to my family. Because let’s be honest if it wasn’t for any of them, there wouldn’t be a Mediphorm. We will always strive for bigger and better.


Mediphorm is a company that provides quality personal service to our customers. We believe that customer interaction is key, and we encourage anyone who has any questions or concerns to contact us. Our industry allows for face-to-face interactions with customers more than any other industry, and we take advantage of that by providing a sincere and professional tone when you call, and then able to meet in person to put a face and name to the voice.


A small tight knit employee-based company, Mediphorm is always looking at more unique products to bring you, so you never have to worry about picturing us just sitting back and riding the wave of complacency that most do once they see the smallest of success. Progression and ingenuity are always at the forefront of our minds. Despite the fact we have Distributors in the UK, UAE, India, and Australia plus still able to ship to over 50+ countries, we still remain a small company because we love the interactions we get to have on a daily basis with our customers and employees.