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Welcome to MediPhorm Brought to you by MediphormSouth.

We are the one and only creators of the very first and innovative MediPhorm Site Enhancement product. After the passing of our close friend Sam Roth we've had to ensure our customers many times over this is the same company and product as from day one. So when you purchase from us or one of our many approved distributors listed on our site, its authentic and the same product Sam and I both praised and came up with. So without further ado let me introduce and have you Welcome Mediphorms™️ new series of improved security features and eye pleasing labeling. We take counterfeiting very seriously and this Is just another step we have taken to keep our brand and customers healthy and safe. If you get a bottle that you are unsure of , just send a picture to our email and we will confirm the authenticity.  Aside from the very sought after Zealseal®️ , we have hidden easter eggs all over our labels so we are able to confirm with our unique labeling and branding system that we are able to tell you where and when that particular shipment was sent. So now enjoy and feel safer choosing the Mediphorm™️ brand.


How exactly does hyaluronic acid work?

Hyaluronic acid belongs to a type of long, complicated chain-like molecules called polymers. The chain has plenty of spots on it where other chemical compounds (like water, for example) can latch on. That’s why a quarter-teaspoon of hyaluronic acid can hold about one and a half gallons of water, making it the best polymer — natural or artificial — for absorbing water (and a key ingredient in moisturizing products).


Because it has lots of space for other molecules to latch on, hyaluronic acid is great for transporting other molecules throughout your body. It also has the ability to attach itself to cells, which is why targeted delivery of medications using hyaluronic acid is a major topic of study.


Hyaluronic acid’s chain-like structure also means it can act like a scaffold structure, allowing tissues to grow. This is a key step in how wounds heal on your body. Scientists have also found hyaluronic acid in human embryos and are studying what role hyaluronic acid plays in reproduction and development.


India Warning Fakes

There are tons of fakes going around India still So if you aren't getting your Mediphorm from the EA approved supplier or an approved affiliate store of theirs (I will list them below) Then your product is FAKE! I will post a  few things to watch out for on the label. For one though we DO NOT USE LOWER CASE  letters or numbers on our heat stamps! WE DO NOT shrink seal the bottles either! The current labeling in our store is the correct labels, any of the older labels are to be considered FAKE! Be WARNED, FAKE IS FAKE AND FAKE IS DANGEROUS! There is no quality or saftey control behind it. If the price is too good to be true.....THERES A REASON , ITS FAKE! 

Picture of Fake Mediphorm
Fake Bottle example 2
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