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(9pk) Mediphorm ™️ Rapid 'RL'

(9pk) Mediphorm ™️ Rapid 'RL'


Clear to Off white gel. Slippery to the touch , very faint odor. Rubs completely into the skin when applied to any bare section or however you choose to apply it. Has a multitude of uses as explained below.
Mediphorm (Hyaluronic Acid) Rapid Loading Blend is the best and safest site enhancement or 
(Site Signaling Cell Migrator) yes i made this phrase up hahah,  enhancement gel is a 
Aqueous Base Hyaluronic Acid Blend, its virturally all natural as HA is  already currently produced within the body. 


What are the benefits of Using Mediphorm and Mediphorms diffrent Formulas? 

-It keeps the desired area of the fascia consistently stretched and full.

- More nutrtient blood through the muscles by promoting cell migration

- Has skeletal tissue healing properties

- Is directly involved with the process of thicken synovial fluid for our joints 

- Helps with inflammtory responses 

- Aids in wound healing

- Absorbs 75% (realistically in real world applications otherwise itd suck the moisture right out of the air) of its own molecular weight. 

- Water based, so it disperses  with ease once applied, crosslinked so once it reaches muscle fibers it lubricates and moves with ease and is left behind to absorb and start a compounding effect that can last as long as 3 to 4 months with proper hydration maintained. With little maintence, as long as its given the proper environment to thrive. (extremley hydrated individuals can stand to see the 3 to 4 months results)

- Extremly well tolerated by almost anyone without any adverse or allergic reactions , most hydration creams or serums already have HA in it. So you would know before hand if you don't tolerate it well. 

- Improves the appearance and texture of skin by keeping it extremely hydrated, and with a moist youthful appearance.

- Increased Lean tissue gained ( because while not directly involed in the building blocks of growth, its aiding in the process , delivery , and environment thats optimal to rebuild and repair cells and tissue)

- The appearence while taking it will have an Increased fullness and roundness of the muscles.
In turn definition of the bodies mass will be very evident if adipose is kept in check.

- Increases the volume of the muscle, very stage friendly.

- Can be used up to show time with correct guidance.

Just to be clear ,  Mediphorm (Hyaluronic Acid)  does NOT directly “grow muscle”. It's only
said to be a SEO  because of the inflammatory results that it produces short term. To increas size with an inflammatory effect. Until compounding effect starts and helps create that optimal environment we spoke about earlier. 

The mention of building muscles on this site ONLY implies leading a healthy fitness lifestyle and using this so called muscle site enhancement product as an addtion to that. Also following a proper skin regimen will help in the journey of healthy skin also.


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  • Care Instructions

    • For extended storage, keep refrigerated
    • Keep out of direct sunlight, or it has a chance to degrade and lower its effectiveness.
    • Keep away from heat and heatsources also because the results would be the same as direct sunlight.
    • As long as its in a shaded environment one to two bottles can withstand being kept at room temp until used.

    Discontinue use if you develop a rash , skin starts to appear red , and hot to the touch . If you have slight discomfort using the product for the first time, that is normal. Most report not even noticing it again by the 2nd or 3rd application.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCREASE WATER INTAKE. At least increase it by 30% while using MEDIPHORM as its main actions and effects rely on a well hydrated environment. Remember that Hyaluronic Acids natural trait is to pull moisture from the closest source to abosorb and hold it while increasing its molecular size up to 800 to 1000 times its size. So again its important to stay properly hydrated.

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